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More Help

There are all sorts of places to get help. Google for "{distro} guide" or "{distro} {problem}" will work wonders.

Real-time Help through IRC

Sometimes email and web searching isn't the best way to get answers.


Some Favorite Websites

Applications? Huh?

About Releases

People new to Linux should stay with "stable" or "LTS" releases. Any release NOT labeled in that way may not get any updates or patches.

The current Ubuntu LTS is 16.04. The next Ubuntu LTS will be 18.04. These have 5 years of support for both desktop and server distros. Other, non-LTS, releases get 6-9 months of patches.

Debian Stable is Debian 9 (stretch).

Fedora is never considered "stable" - it is bleeding edge. F26 is the current.

CentOS is a binary compatible version of RHEL. The version numbers match. 7.3 is current.